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Whats crackin' Duży uśmiech this is a very exciting subject. Temperatures are increasing, glaciers melting, sea levels rising, n i still cannot see the sea in Silesia, what am i supposed to do about dat? xD
[Obrazek: tell_me_by_cris_2.gif]
Time to move on from Silesia to Gdańsk or generally near Baltic Sea Duży uśmiech
yeahh i look forward to it :p
[Obrazek: tell_me_by_cris_2.gif]
Danger lurks basically everywhere, so it doesn't matter if you go to the North of Poland, or even to completely different country. Human species is facing really hard time, all over the world. We experience the effects of our previous actions which were (and still are) very much harmful for our environment.
I've read an article recently, in which the author wrote that we ourselves have created a new geological epoch. And it's one of the many things we certainly should not be proud of.
And here you've got the article: http://www.iflscience.com/environment/st...thropocene
Enjoy Język
Hey, guys! How about making this topic alive again? Just don't be shy, please :v
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Ok Duży uśmiech
So what... typical topic about the weather? xD
Well it's sunny, hot... and thuderstorms are coming back very soon. Tomorrow will be a nasty day. Hopefully without tornadoes.
Thank you, Mr. Weather for this forecast ;d I really hope that it'll be cooler soon. I don't like such temperature...
Talking about tornadoes: those appear really rarely in Poland, don't they? There is nothing to worry about... except for north .-. I dunno, I'm not any kind of weather specialist.
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Today only north but tomorrow pretty much the whole country will be in danger.
Last tornado in Poland? Chorzów few days ago.

Or in Kretowiny in July.
What o.o I didn't know that.
Maybe just break this pointless chit-chat and talk about something else. Like, not weather, because it's a worn out topic, kinda boring xD

I wanted to talk about transgenderism and people that struggle with this problem... I mean, it's not a problem as such, but may be if you look at the society's response.
Just look at this girl: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePrinceSane Is she different from other girls? No! Absolutely. Only thing that may differenciate her from other is her being a boy in the means of physical appearance. She's so adorable and funny, I love her xD (no homo, tho :v) She tries to educate cisgender people how being trans is like. Just watch her :3
And you? What do you think about these people? ("you", meaning all of you that speak English, not only Trebron xD)

PS: Sorry for breaking the forum rules (one of them says not to write two posts by the same user), I'm gonna fix it :3
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Honestly I don't understand how does it feel to be born in a wrong body. But everybody wants to live their own way and just be happy. She is from US? If so she is lucky. In Poland she might have problems Język
Not because of the fact that she is trans but mainly because she talks openly about it in social media and her make up is quite provocative. Some would say it's a gender propaganda xD
Frankly, she wouldn't be so happy in US at all. Statistics are cruel - 1 in 12 trans are killed every year. USA is a very religious country, so this kind of openess is considered "devilish". The other part is more liberal, I believe, so the American society starts to be more aware of trans people.
And answering to your question: no, she's from Canada
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